New Year, New You: 5 Steps to a Brand New You in 2015

When I was young I never gave a thought to what or how much I ate. All I knew was that I loved food, and I blissfully ate my way through childhood unaware of any consequences.

Fast forward to my early 20’s when my size 6 jeans began to feel tight, and the reason was born seven months later…

We all have a story and that’s the beginning of mine.

I recently asked my subscribers to tell me about their biggest weight loss challenge, and to my delight, along with their answers I was blessed with a few of their stories.

You told me you want to lose weight fast, you hate belly fat, and you’re sick of the frustration and disappointment associated with dieting. You just want to lose the weight and keep it off.

I hear you. And no, it’s not too much to ask.

Now is the perfect time to assess your strategies and goals. Since the “same old” isn’t working let’s begin the New Year with a new way of thinking, and a different approach…a weight loss intervention of sorts.

Time to Stop the Madness

You don’t need research and case studies to tell you that dieting doesn’t work, mainly because you are the case study. Yet most of you mentioned that dieting is still your most frequently used weight loss tool.

You’ve invested time, money, sweat, and tears in a process that has done virtually nothing for you – which means it’s time to let it go.shutterstock_2

Instead of feeling hopeless and beating yourself up for being a failure, let’s find out why things aren’t going your way. Let’s try to deconstruct why you do what you do, and begin the process of creating a happier, healthier, more fit you.

If Only Life Were Fair

Weight loss would be an entirely different ball game if everyone played by the rules, but they don’t, and even on our best days, the deck is stacked against us.

Turn on the TV or radio and the ads are slick and convincing.

Eat as much as you want and still lose weight. If you find yourself losing too much weight stop taking this product immediately. This free offer is for a limited time only so call now. I repeat, this is a time limited offer so place your order now!

Do you lose the weight? Doubtful. Keep it off? Hell no. But they keep selling the lie because we keep buying the dream.

From phony success stories and photoshopped testimonials, to paid celebrity endorsements and Dr Oz’s lies, misinformation is rampant and manipulation is the norm.

Don’t you think you’ve had enough?

It’s time to stop playing by someone else’s rules and create a few of your own.

Embrace Change

First, there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not broken, stupid or lazy. You fell into a trap along with millions of others but now you’re searching for a way out. Hurray! Good for you! Give yourself a well-deserved hug and know that you’ve come to the right place!

This post is first in a series on letting go of old habits and changing the way you think about dieting, food, and yourself. It took over thirty years, three kids, and seventy pounds before I figured out what I was doing wrong and began the changes toward the life I had dreamt about for decades.

Why wait any longer? Start now by following the five tips listed below.

Intervention To-Do List

1.  Start Eating
Bad things happen when you don’t eat which is why dieting doesn’t work. Not only do you feel deprived – which can lead to cravings – but skipping meals or eating too little throws your body into starvation mode. This slows down your metabolism and helps your body hold on to the fat you’re trying to lose, so while you’re going hungry trying to shrink your body is hanging on to those excess pounds. I know it sounds counterproductive (I’m not talking about strapping on a feedbag) but you have to eat.

2.  Stay Hydrated
Ever feel like a puffer fish? You know, that feeling of bloat and blah. Dehydration can cause you to retain sodium and toxins that lead to that uncomfortable – pants are too tight – feeling. Drinking 64 ounces of water a day will help alleviate bloat while flushing those toxins and other impurities out of your system. And since thirst often masquerades as hunger you’ll also avoid unwanted and unnecessary calories.

3.  Let’s Play Jeopardy!

Category: Food For Thought

Answer – A term referring to highly processed, pesticide laden, and genetically modified food. Also refers to food containing additives, preservatives, growth hormones, and untested chemicals that may cause serious illness, resistance to antibiotics, weight gain, and other harmful, health related symptoms.

Question – What is Frankenfood

Just writing that answer gave me a headache, but it’s true. Frankenfoods are a real thing and they are one of the biggest reasons why you’re having trouble losing weight. Processed food generally has more calories due to the sugar, fat, and oil that’s added to enhance the flavor and keep you coming back for more. Additionally, during processing, some vitamins and nutrients are lost. The synthetic versions that are added are not the same as the real thing. Lack of these nutrients and vitamins can cause us to feel sick, tired, and unhappy.

And what do we turn to when we feel unhappy? Comfort food! And the vicious cycle continues.

Fresh real food is what your body needs. Next time you go shopping forget the inside aisles (where most everything is processed) and stick to the perimeter where you’ll find the fresh produce and protein. This is where the bulk of your shopping should be done.

4.  Rethink Sugar
Picture this: A maze with lab rats scurrying around like cockroaches. It’s lunchtime and on one side of the maze rice cakes are on the menu, while on the other side Oreo cookies are being served. Which side has the longest line?

Now change that scenario to your local grocery store…it’s not as far fetched as you might think.

Studies have shown that sugar is addicting and researchers have begun to refer to it as the new cocaine, but can it really be that bad?

The answer is yes, and here’s why;

Sugar – The Basics
Our bodies take carbohydrates and convert them into sugar to be used as energy. Natural carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, legumes, milk and milk products have vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are beneficial to our health.

Sweeteners like sugar (white, brown, powdered, cane, or beet), corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, honey, agave and molasses are almost entirely void of vitamins and minerals, which means they serve no healthy purpose and are considered empty calories. Empty calories don’t fill us up which is why we can eat a lot of candy and still have room for dinner. Processed foods are loaded with added sugars and not just in the obvious foods like pastries, cereal, and candy. Just about everything that’s processed has some form of added sugar, but it’s not always easy to tell. In addition to the terms above, if you see juice, syrup, honey, sweetener, or anything ending in “ose” on an ingredient label, know that those are just different words for added sugar.

How much sugar is too much?

The American Heart Association recommends women consume no more than six teaspoons of added sugar each day, with men being allotted nine. With that in mind, on average, Americans consume 46 teaspoons of added sugar per day with most of it coming from processed food. That’s 40 extra teaspoons consumed each day for a whopping 156 pounds each year!

That excess sugar throws our hormones out of whack and can cause fatigue, hunger, brain fog, high blood pressure, diabetes, and belly fat. 

Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there. Excess sugar speeds up the aging process. It causes the collagen and elastin – protein fibers in our skin – to become dry and brittle, leading to premature wrinkles, sagging, and dull skin…ugh.

You may not need a study to tell you that sugar is addicting–I know I don’t–but now that there’s proof, it’s time to take definite steps toward breaking the sugar habit. In the next few weeks we’ll cover sugar detoxing and the best ways to break the sugar cycle.

5.  Get Moving
I know you’ve heard this before, but that’s because it’s the truth: Inactivity causes us to be overweight and unhealthy. If your number one concern is weight loss, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and get the job done. The change doesn’t have to be drastic, and you don’t have to join a gym or buy equipment. All you need to do is increase your activity level. Walk More. Take the stairs. Try resistance training using your body weight (check out this post), or work out with an app like the 7 Minute Workout or Daily Workouts. You can also pick the brain of a certified trainer by taking advantage of a free trial membership at your local gym.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you do something.

Are You Ready?

Why wait to transform yourself into the person you are in your dreams? In the next few weeks you’re going to learn the best ways to make that happen. From changing habits, to healthy recipes and beauty tips, you’ll want to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing.

And because I love to hear what you think, leave a comment telling me which one of these tips makes the most sense to you.


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